32171_550119781687206_1600035621_n“Jada Prather is an inventive artist with a dynamic, comic book influenced style. It’s fun. It’s beautiful. It’s impactful. He puts the city into his art, and the city he creates is alive. It’s very New York.” — Danielle Belton, TV writer, journalist and Editor-At-Large Clutch Magazine Online


BASIC LOGO DESIGN (6 hours of work) – $300

DELUXE LOGO DESIGN (12 hours of work) – $700

PREMIUM LOGO DESIGN (24 hours of work) – $1,500

So you want to hire Jada Prather? Great! Jada Prather would love to make your logo. But ask yourself this first – do you want it done quick or do you want it done right? The best thing to do is to pick a package plan that best fits what you’re going to want in terms of revisions and choice. Both to save you money and to save Jada’s sanity. Help him, help you. 

For example, if you go for the BASIC LOGO DESIGN you will receive one hour-long consultation session, one logo option and one revision. That’s it. After that, all revisions involve the overtime rate of $150 per hour. 

If you go with the DELUXE LOGO DESIGN, you will receive one hour-long consultation session, two logo options and three revisions. You also get double the time for me to work on your project before any potential overtime kicks in or penalties for wanting more than three revisions. If you know you’re going to want a lot of input and a lot of options, this is your best plan in terms of time and costs.

If you go with the PREMIUM LOGO DESIGN, this is the Cadillac of options. It’s an incredible deal. You get:

  • As much consultation time as you want and need. Jada will even listen to you talk about your life for free.  He’s a great listener. Tell him your problems. He might have solutions. Or at least a few jokes to make you smile.
  • You get five different logo options and you get to own three of them. (All five can be purchased if you desired for a small negotiated fee.)
  • You get six chances at revisions before Jada even thinks about overtime and 24 total man-hours to get you all the time and attention your project needs.
  • And if after all that, that’s not enough time, talk or revisions, Jada will only charge $75 per hour in overtime if the project runs late and you want more than six revisions.

So, think carefully about what you want versus what you need! Jada wants to do the best job possible to create the best possible outcome … for you. 


Non-package hourly rate is $75 per hour.

Commissioned art pieces and paintings start at $800 for size 18 x 24 inches or smaller. Larger commissioned pieces are priced at a $2.15 per square inch rate.

Pre-approved overtime on logo packages and commissioned pieces will run at $150 per hour (with the exception of the Premium rate which keeps over time at $75 per hour). 50% of payment is due at time of order. The remainder is to be paid upon completion. Payment plans are available but a percentage must be paid up front to start work to cover potential research, time and material costs.

* Lower rates can be negotiated based on referrals and “friend” rates. Please inquire about these rates if you were referred by a friend.

For more information contact Jada Prather: jadaprime@gmail.com.

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